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The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon

The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon

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He had everything a mouse could possibly want. Except a friend.

As everyone knows, the Moon is made of green cheese. And Gizmo is the mouse that owns it. He has everything a mouse could possibly want — except a friend. Then one day, a strange machine arrives from the blue planet. Thinking the blue planet is made of blue cheese; Gizmo sets off on a mission to retrieve the cheese. But while searching for riches, he ends up finding something even better.


  • 13 interactive scenes where you can ride a hoverbike, float in zero gravity, drive a toy train, swim in a pool, and more
  • 29 cartoon-style illustrations
  • Animation on most pages
  • Narration by Kathryn Scanlon
  • A story about a mouse who learns that friendship is more important than money
  • Three music tracks, including The Blue Danube
  • Over 25 sound effects to activate
  • Child-friendly with no external links or in-app purchases
  • Navigation Menu

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What others are saying about The Mouse Who Lived On The Moon

10/10. A great moral victory of caring, sharing and happiness over greed, acquisition and aloofness.
This is a gentle story told from the perspective of an endearingly cute mouse.
The vibrations of the spaceship in flight can be "felt" by the reader, which is thrilling.